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> Subject: [scribus] Scanning photos for a book project
> I am about to make a family chronicle with a lot of old photos. The 
> older ones are of course baryte paper prints which have a nice rough 
> surface.
> Scanning the first photos, I find that there is too much light on the 
> shadows, and the surface structure results in tiny white stripes and 
> spots, reflections which show the paper structure but may be disturbing 
> when the photos are viewed in the book.
> With the Gimp I can easily compress the shadows a bit so that black 
> becomes black, but the tiny spots remain.
> So there are actually 2 problems: There is no automatic for finding the 
> right black value point, and there is the problem that the lamp lights 
> the paper structure too much. I tried to turn the photos by 90°, but to 
> no avail.

You could try post-processing with other more-specialized applications like LightZone http://www.lightzoneproject.org/ instead of gimp.
Scanning at a lower resolution might make the paper structure less apparent, especially if you are currently scanning at over 300 dpi.
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