[scribus] Where is the code for the icons.

John Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Fri Jan 23 12:35:37 UTC 2015

On Fri, 23 Jan 2015 07:29:37 -0500
John Culleton <John at wexfordpress.com> wrote:

> As I write my latest version of my book I need
> to show graphics of the various icons found on
> the icon bar. Screen shots are a bit blurry. So
> can someone suggest where the source code for
> these little guys is to be found in the svn
> distro? Just point me to one like the icon for
> a text block or a graphics block and I can
> probably find the rest.

I meant frame not block. The word wouldn't come
to me. I don't do mornings well.

John Culleton
Wexford Press
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