[scribus] massive slowdown - typing int text boxes

John Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Tue Feb 10 14:13:52 UTC 2015

On Tue, 10 Feb 2015 11:52:21 +0100
JLuc <jluc at no-log.org> wrote:

> Le 09/02/2015 21:12, John Culleton a écrit :
> > With last night's 1.5.0 and on a page not
> > linked to others activating the story editor
> > can take half a minute. This is text taken
> > from another document. The other document is
> > 208 pages and I have allowed for 300 pages ...
> > Right now there are no graphics, just pure
> > text.
> Do you mean you have opened a 300 pages
> document ? First page is not linked but other
> 300 pages contain linked text frames ?
> JLuc
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Yes. So the slowup should not be due to
trying to read all 132 pages with text.But maybe
it is. BTW I took the same project to 1.4.6 and
the problem disappeared. 

There is a bug in 1.5.0 folks. I have no clue what
it is. It didn't exist about a month ago. The
only way to find it that I can see is to back up
to a version that worked fine and then work
forward day by day until the first version that
has the problem appears. Then back up one version
and examine the delta difference. Unfortunately I
don't use 1.5.0 every day so I can't pinpoint the
date of occurrence. My week-old backup didn't
work because I didn't have a compatible version
of Qt installed. We know it is before Saturday
February 7, 2015 when Thorsten first reported it.
But I assume it is fairly recent.

So who compiled a version of 1.5.0 recently and
used it without this problem? I suggest
the we need to identify that version and work
forward from there.

John Culleton
Wexford Press
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