[scribus] ScribusPortable on a network

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Feb 7 14:13:51 UTC 2015

I thought I would share some experience about using ScribusPortable on
the hospital network where I work.

What I rely on is the fact that I have my own space for documents, etc.
on a network server. This is useful, since I may be logging into any one
of 30, 40 or more different computers throughout the day. For each
desktop I use, I set up a desktop shortcut to Scribus.

When I install ScribusPortable, I install it on this server space of
mine (which is really the only place it could go, since I don't have
write privileges to the desktop hard disks), and it installs into a
directory named ScribusPortable. Yesterday I upgraded to 1.4.5 as it
became available, and obviously I wanted to preserve my settings and so on.

First, I renamed the old directory to make sure I didn't overwrite its
contents. Then install the new version -- this goes very smoothly, by
the way.

Fortunately, ghostscript is installed in an outside directory which must
be called CommonFiles, so nothing needs to be done with that.

My settings are in ScribusPortable/Data/Scribus, so I copy prefs140 and
scribus140.rc from the old to the new. I also can copy any scrapbook
items from ScribusPortable/Data/Scribus/scrapbook.

Something else I have done to personal taste is to plant some of my own
scripts in the basic scripts directory. These are in
ScribusPortable/App/Scribus/share/scripts. Other scripts elsewhere
maintain continuity through the basic settings of where to look for
other scripts.

Having completed this short list of operations, I can without any
interruption continue to use ScribusPortable throughout the hospital
using the existing desktop shortcuts, all my settings and recent file
lists, and scripts intact. This is quite convenient!


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