[scribus] Attention Scribus Scripter-ers!

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Tue Feb 3 17:18:14 UTC 2015

I have only rarely used existing scripts. So I consider myself a newbie
in this area.

I soon want to train some more and start making and using scripts, with
the ultimate goal to produce personalized serial letters with proper
addressing of people "Dear Mr. Best Customer!" and "customer reference"
based on a living database. I will write this list later.

A rating system that would help me, would tell about "suitable
audience". From experience I guess that I could learn a lot even from
advanced or complex example scripts, as long as they are clearly
structured and very clearly documented.

So I would enjoy something along the Quality scoring system, maybe with
hints about audience (for absolute beginners, users who have mastered
xy, only for users who can use zzz).

>From following this list, I am not sure that Frequency would tell me a
lot, because we all seem to be using Scribus for rather different
projects. So I might find a script that has only been used once and by
one other user, but it might just be perfect for my new need.

When shopping for tools and "stuff" on Amazon, I do not really look at
the star rating but I look at the actual comments of other users and
whether they were considered useful or not by other real customers of
the product. So that would be something like Quality plus reliability of
the Quality-rating.

Hope this helps, thank you Greg,


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