[scribus] New German Scribus Community

Gimp-Werkstatt gimp-werkstatt at gmx.de
Sun Feb 1 17:53:00 UTC 2015

Am 01.02.2015 um 17:48 schrieb scribus-request at lists.scribus.net:
> Hello Anke.
> Why do you want to fragment the Scribus community?
> There is already an existing Scribus forum and it shouldn't be difficult to
> add a German speaking forum there as well.
> I think it's better to keep (and bring) people in the existing Scribus forum
> as the Scribus community is small anyway.
> Winterly greetings
> Siegfried
I do agree with you, that there is no point in dividing a community, 
that is small in anyway and providing things that already exist.

But the German wiki is absolutely outdated. The tutorials are for 
scribus 1.2 updated in 2006 from a tutorial from 2004. The manual is 
pointing to the English one. And of course, you can still by the book on 
amazon which is English, too.

The German forum, that is linked in the wiki is the one, that I am 
member of. Unfortunately, the company, that provides it, doesn't really 
care, we have been asking, if they could name someone to look after the 
forum, because there are many bots login in and just copy and past 
threads ... Some members have send e-mails to the provider. That didn't 
help. I even rang them. They were very short on the phone, saying they 
will have a look over it, which they didn't.

Because I don't want the interested users to just not care anymore or 
just stop using scribus, I said, I'll put up a new forum. So this is 
scribus-user now.

I don't know, if I really will have so much time spare as I invested in 
the gimp-werkstatt and its forum, so if you really think, it is such a 
bad idea, I just put it down again and sent everybody to this list, 
because there is nothing else there in German language, where people can 
ask or discuss anything, or even show there projects and ask for feedback.



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