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John Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Wed Dec 16 16:25:12 UTC 2015

On Mon, 23 Nov 2015 15:01:12 +1030
Patrick Ernst <patrick at aroaustralia.com> wrote:

> John, I'm not familiar with TEX so this was
> interesting to me. Have you ever mapped out a
> work flow for indexes TOCs etc? Do you use
> output in scribus?
> Rgds Patrick

A TeX run resembles the compile of a program.
There is a source file e.g. booka.tex and an ouput
file e.g., booka.pdf. To create an index
takes several steps  I have such a workflow
reduced to an executable script. First I create in
a text editor (gvim) a TeX source file called e.g.
booka.tex This file contains the text of the
previously created pdf file generated by Scribus.
This text can be extracted from the output pdf
file from Scribus by various means. The key is to
make the page breaks and hence page numbers 
match to the Scribus pdf output. This booka.tex
file also contains some index tags like :
Then in my script is the command:
pdftex booka.tex
One of the outputs from this run is a file called 
which contains line items generated by commands
like \idx{John}{Jones}
that were placed in the original book.tex file.
Then I run a program (part of the TeX suite) 
called makeindex with its own set of parameters:
makeindex -i alpha.ist booka.idx
This takes the raw index file booka.idx, sorts
it, combines like items summarizes strings of
page numbers and so on to create a file called 
Then I run the base program again which
incorporates the new file booka.ind 
Finally I run the pdf reader from the Linux KDE
set called okular:
okular booka.pdf
The entire script looks like this:
pdftex booka.tex
makeindex -i alpha.ist booka.idx
pdftex booka.tex
okular booka.pdf
In the last step I can extract the formatted index
pdf pages, either directly from the Okular run or
using some other tools and can load each index
pdf page into my Scribus run.
scribus run. 

If needed I can also create a TOC in my output
booka.pdf file. The main trick for both is to
make sure that the pagination of the booka.tex
file matches the pagination of the
previously created Scribus .sla file.

There are more details of course, like the
content of the alpha.ist control file, but that
is the basic workflow. 
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Wexford Press
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