[scribus] Installing 1.5 on older system

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Thu Dec 10 11:51:08 UTC 2015

Slightly off-topic, but on the other hand... Just had this idea: I work 
on a Suse 12.1 here in the office, and it doesn't have qt5. But I would 
like to install Scribus 1.5 on it.

Would you think it is impossible to install qt5 on this system? My major 
requirement would be not to touch the other incarnations of qt on the 
system, but only install the libraries and sources to be used by newer 

As far as I understand, the qt libraries land in their own branch of 
/usr/local, so there should be no influence. And I hope installing would 
not write anything into existing scripts or .rc files etc.

Maybe there is someone else here who has a similar Suse and can confirm? 
Has anyone ever tried this?

What I did was to download the qt5 sources, read the install hints, 
issues etc. and started ./configure. It ran through successfully, but 
when I had to start gmake, it stopped with some missing file. So I 
thought I should ask here first, as my main objective to do all this 
would be Scribus 1.5.

Thanks for any help or opinion!


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