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Hi Greg -I need to clarify. I've been lead to believe Scribus is very much like 
the Adobe InDesign page layout program for books and magazines. If I'm wrong, please inform me. When I say does Scirbus "support" Photoshop Elements, I don't mean monetarily, I mean can I take my Photoshop image and "upload" it or "place" it into the page layout of Scribus and save the eventual book as a PDF. If I'm wrong about Scribus being a page layout program (or whatever it's called, subscription, etc.) then I'll know I must move on to the Adobe products. But one man in the Adobe forums suggested Scribus for the fact that he uses Photoshop Elements and Scribus to make his books. Semantics and lack of phone conversations has proven to be a hindrance in getting seemingly simple questions answered. But I'll continue "learning" until I get the definitive answers. Thanks. Scott

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On 12/03/2015 04:56 PM, Burgess Burgess wrote:
> Thanks Greg, I'll look up the importing specs. That said, in a nut shell, does Scribus support Photoshop Elements. And is OS X 10.6.8 fine or do I need to update my operating system? I can't start my book project until I get these tech questions definitively answered. 

It would help if you refine your question.
Scribus does not "support" Photoshop Elements. We send them no money or
My guess is that probably, unlike Gimp for example, you may not be able
to bring up Photoshop Elements when you indicate inside Scribus that you
want to edit an image, but it's certainly worth a try. Maybe you ought
to check out Gimp. It might surprise you what it can do.


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