[scribus] batch able to ungroup PDF objects and change colors from RGB into CMYK with lookuptable

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Dec 3 13:36:04 UTC 2015

hi max

warning: longish and not 100% pleasant email ahead...
sit down and have a tee :-)
> Nobody has any idea (or existing scripts to share) to begin the script I need ?
it much depends on your current skills...

you'll need basic python skills.

you will also need to use the 1.5svn development branch of scribus (to 
be able read in the pdf files).

you will probably have to extend the scripter. (not sure there are 
commands for reading in pdfs)
it's not hard to do.
but some basic c++ skills are needed.

you'll probably need a linux or os x computer (or a virtual box with 
linux; since you have to be able to compile scribus).

since the current scripter should be replaced by a new version that has 
been in the workings for a long time, it would be nice if the extensions 
would go to the new scripter.

since the move to qt5, the new scripter is not working anymore because 
we do not manage to get the signals and slots to be connected across the 
boundaries between c++ and python.
that's a bit harder: you have to know qt, cpp, pyqt and python...
there might be one single line to be fixed (but how?). perhaps more...

if you're ready to work on getting the new scripter to run again (or you 
can get somebody to work on it), i can further help you ...
(i mean: if i help somebody to create something fancy with the scripter, 
i'd really like it to be with the new scripter... it really needs some 
love... )
my time is limited, and i don't want to invest it in further improving 
the older scripter...
and everybody hopes that somebody else at some time will work on it. 
somebody else.
(and, personally, i'd love to see it ready for prime time! but i have no 
direct use for the scripter... so right now i cannot put so much time 
into it!)

all in all: what you have in mind seems to be doable, each step is 
rather simple to do... you just have to replace the "convert rgb to 
cmyk" by "replace rgb colors by cmyk ones" :-)

have a wonderful day

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> Objet : Re: [scribus] batch able to ungroup PDF objects and change colors from RGB into CMYK with lookuptable
> Hi !
> I am a beginner with Scribus but I know it's very powerful !
> I have several RGB PDF files with grouped objects and I want to develop a script that :
> -        is able to process several PDF files (e.g. all PDF in a folder)
> -        ungroup the objects of each PDF file
> -        convert RGB PDF to CMYK PDF using a txt lookup table where I can set myself the values (I don't use a lot of colors but I have to get precise CMYK values)
> I have no idea how to begin such a script, somebody can help to get me started ?
> Thanks !
> Max
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