[scribus] Making a large poster out of smaller sheets of paper

Andreas Vox andreas.vox at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 14:33:26 UTC 2015


You can create an image frame for each tile. 

First create an image frame of the correct tile size and place your poster in it.
Then adjust the scale so that the upper left corner shows correctly in this tile.

Duplicate this image frame for every other tile and just the image offset to show the correct part.

If the original poster is a PDF or Postscript file make sure to select „Embed DF (experimental)“ in the Export-to-PDF settings.


> Am 24.04.2015 um 15:57 schrieb Salomea <salomea at bitmessage.ch>:
> I have a large poster. But I only have access to small A4 printers.
> First I have gone by the way of Gimp. Using the guillotine to break a
> large image into smaller pieces. Quite a pain. Than I have discovered
> PosteRazor. Compared with Gimp, this is a walk in the park. In the end I
> get a PDF with the pages. But I still have to guess the page position
> from the printing order. I have no guides for cutting and none for
> sticking the pages together. It is faster, yet still a large part of the
> work done blindly. The only help is that small mistakes are harder to
> spot on larger posters.
> Now I have a new idea. Scribus has everything I need. Guides. And marks.
> But how do I feed Scribus a large image and get the multi-page document
> that has all the markers to assemble the final poster on the given
> support media?
> Cheers!
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