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JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Oct 29 08:10:24 UTC 2014


DTP principles are about the same in Xpress, In Design and Scribus.

Best is : try and see.
The biggest changes will be shortcuts and user interface.
It wont take long before you can use scribus and it wont take much
longer before you know all you need to know.

Furthermore, Scribus 1.5 will be released in a couple of month.
This unstable version will provide tools that might help you
to deal with your old documents :
- excellent PDF import
- basic InDesign import


  Le 29/10/2014 08:06, mt a écrit :
> Greetings all,
> I am considering Scribus after recently losing my HD (although not my user data) and becoming "orphaned" of the Adobe CS
> 5 suite of applications. Having never enjoyed Adobe products, nor their lousy "service", I'm taking this 'problem' as a
> great opportunity to try something different. And nothing beats Scribus price-wise of course!
> Must confess though I am a bit worried about the transition, so here are a few real novice questions:
> - How steep a learning curve should I expect? In other words -will it take hours, days or weeks (for an 'old dog' who
> used to be a relatively fast learner) to get used to Scribus?
> - During one of the searches I ran on duckduckgo, I remember coming across a tutorial that highlighted the differences
> between Scribus and InDesign/QuarXpress. Apparently I did not bookmark it and don't seem to be able to find it any more.
> Any bells ringing...?
> - I have InDesign files for a few manuals, as well as the resulting PDFs ready for printing. Individual chapters also
> exist in .doc format, minus some of the editing and a lot of the formatting. Is there any way to extract and convert to
> Scribus any of the formatting information from the PDF or InDesign files -especially margins and styles?
> Thanking you in advance,
> Ciao for now :-)
> marina
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