[scribus] Changing paths to relative?

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Oct 15 15:40:41 UTC 2014

Le 15/10/2014 17:28, Rolf-Werner Eilert a écrit :
> A project from last year was copied into a new folder for the current year. There were pictures in a sub-folder but not
> copied into the new folder, and the pictures are still there. To me this means the paths are absolute.
> Is it possible to change this in the new document, so the pictures have to be copied into a sub-folder with the same
> name for the new project?

Use File > Collect for Output
it creates a 'images' subfolder and moves all used images into it.

BTW i have created a script for linux that checks that all used images are correctly stored
in the images folder


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