[scribus] Keep master page logic when modifying page order

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Oct 8 16:30:01 UTC 2014

hi jog,

being able to set right MPs to left pages, was exactly what lead a bunch
of creative people to laugh at scribus.

personally, i think that you have spot a problem in scribus, but the
solution you're proposing -- while solving your specific current issue
-- is a hack that mitigates your pain but is not a general solution to
the problem.

seriously, if you're happy with having a left page on the right side,
you should probably not be using facing pages...

or am i missing something?


> After digging into the code and keeping working on a large document,
> I think we could "lock" the master pages to pages.
> It is very simple to reapply the odd/even  logic and when needed
> "lock" the master page.
> It would be that way :
> 1) create your page
> 2) right click on the page -> "lock master page"
> I think it is a very flexible approach, very easy to implement and
> translate to different language, and won't break the scribus logic.
> What do you think about it ?
> Thanks

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