[scribus] Keep master page logic when modifying page order

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Oct 7 13:44:09 UTC 2014

hi jog,

> No,
> English is the standard language so it is not that painful to accord everybody on _E or _O.
> Come on, how many people use english even without noticing ?

mmm... you would be amazed about the number of people who don't use 
their computer in english...
and being uncomfortable when they have to use some software in english!

just have a look at list the UI languages supported by scribus to have 
an idea of how much diversity there is around the world ...

> Since i will need this functionality, I will first have a look at the Scribus code, understand its logic and propose a patch.

i would welcome it, if you could put your effort in getting the master 
pages editing to respect the layouts...

it's not trivial to get the interaction right, but the implementation 
should not be that hard... but harder than just implementing a string 
matching, i have to admit it...

and there will be some work to be done to get it to be compatible with 
old documents...

hasta luego

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