[scribus] scripter: connecting python 3 code to a c++ signal

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 2 10:03:23 UTC 2014

hi mark

> Checked for other changes,
> to variant_converter
>      "QPoint": lambda v: v.toPoint(),qApp
> in the def wrap() function
>      if isinstance(obj, QString): --> isinstance(obj, str):
> Sent my version of file mikro.py to you.

sadly, the code still does not use variant_converter... so all changes
over there have no influence on the current error.

but your code help me: replacing "variant.type()" != with "not
variant.type() is None" made the code better and helped me
understanding, where the problem probably is.

for some reason __getattr__ gets called when setting up the signal
*but* the signal is not a property of the object (anymore).

let's see if i can make one more step, now...

ciao && thanks for your help

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