[scribus] Removing extra spaces??

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Thu Nov 6 08:20:15 UTC 2014

Le 06/11/2014 03:01, John Jason Jordan a écrit :
>> On 11/05/2014 11:31 AM, Ian Whitfield wrote:
>> I was just wondering if there is a method, (or Macro??), available to
>> check all the text in a frame and remove any and all extra spaces?
> When I first read this question my immediate reaction was to suggest
> what I would do if faced with the same problem. I would open the text
> in the story editor, select all, and cut to the clipboard. The story
> editor is now empty.
> I would then open a new, blank LibreOffice/OpenOffice Writer document
> and paste the text into it. I would use the search and replace
> functions in Writer to search for double spaces and replace with a
> single space. When finished I would select all the text, copy to the
> clipboard, go back to the story editor in Scribus, and paste it in.

And then your text has no more stle at all
and you have to restore all styles.

> My life is easier if I don't use Scribus as a word processor and I don't
> use Writer as a layout application. Please feel free to modify one of
> the scripts mentioned above to do the job, but for me search and
> replace already exists in LO/OO Writer, so why should I reinvent the
> wheel ?

Let's hope scribus search and replace dialog will be fixed or improved
so it can be used as easily as you use LO/OO's one.


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