[scribus] configuring the character palette

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Mon Mar 17 22:34:06 UTC 2014

FYI, Le 14/03/2014 09:28, ZASKE Martin a écrit :
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     Dear List,<br>
     on February 7, JL had written some help to a user, and happened to
     mention how he is using the Character Palette at<br>
     menu <small>> insert > glyph...<br>
       I am talking about Version 1.4.3 which is still the official
       Version I have access to for Windows. And for our Linux computers,
       as we have not managed yet to compile under OpenSuse.<br>
       It took me a moment to copy what JL had done. I had to learn that
       (surprisingly) the Unicode characters need to be defined in
       decimal, rather than the more common U+nnnn and that for the name
       of the font, the capitalization has to be strictly observed etc.
       Then I also had to find the .ucp file - which happens to be a
       hidden file on a default OpenSuse installation. I found that I can
       just as easily make my own .ucp files or place it (or them) at a
       more accessible location.<br>
       Since I have appreciated the input from JL a lot, I would like to
       write it up properly and place it at the right place on the Wiki
       for the benefit of other users. Maybe it could even go into the
       inbuilt help? I did look through the printed Scribus book and
       through the existing online help, and could not find any hints.
       Forgive me (and direct me) if it is already written somewhere.<br>
       What do you think?<br>
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