[scribus] Vertical alignment of text

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Mon Mar 10 05:56:07 UTC 2014

Hi all,

As of yesterday evening, one of the most requested features is available in 1.5.0svn, namely vertical alignment of text (top, centre, bottom). This doesn't work with all import filters yet (currently only ODG), but will hopefully do so soon.

Speaking of ODG, the import filter has been rewritten from scratch and now works like a charm, even with highly complex files. Since the slide show format ODP is nearly the same as ODG, Scribus now also supports import of presentations created with LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Calligra Stage. If you want to test the new filter and file bug reports, please make sure that the ODG/ODP files don't use internal LibreOffice/OpenOffice features like OLE items, 3D effects, or FontWork, because these can't be reproduced by Scribus (or anyone else).

Happy testing!


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