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Michael Coughlin coughlin at cheqnet.net
Sun Mar 2 18:13:59 UTC 2014

Dear Scribus People:


Please excuse my ignorance, but I need help.  If you can direct me to the
right information, I will search it out. 


I am trying to design a book using Scribus.  I have found on-line tutorials
which have been a great deal of help.  However, I think I am missing pieces
of the puzzle.  I have designed master pages for chapter head pages and for
subsequent chapter pages, but when I attempt to insert text and have it flow
from page to page automatically, it won't do it.  I need to move it
individually from page to page.  Then, when I try to insert a new chapter
page I can't get the chapter number and then chapter title to fall in the
right areas, to be followed with the continuing text.  


Are there recommended on-line resources to check?  I have found some for
magazine production, but not for books.


Thanks for your suggestions.


Mike Coughlin

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