[scribus] Scribus SVN 1.5 mouse-delay

mail at absentarrays.info mail at absentarrays.info
Sun Jun 22 21:18:03 UTC 2014

Dear list,

I recently compiled the SVN 1.5, and of course went straight ahead testing.
Naturally i've encountered several complications, probably most of them
reported already. One thing though:

It seems like there's a delay when using a mouse to drag objects around in
a document or by selecting text. The elements are moved/selected but it
all happens with a tiny delay causing these to 'follow' the cursor, but
not being directly under the cursor. This does only happen when i use a
mouse and not my track-pad on the laptop.

Any with same experience or any solution?

All the bestststs


DEBIAN JESSIE (build from Crunchbang - Debian Wheezy distro)
LENOVO W510 (1.7 GHZ Quad Core, 8GB RAM)

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