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Jean-Paul Gendner jean-paul.gendner at orange.fr
Fri Jun 20 14:05:42 UTC 2014

     Thank you for the answer.
     My question was not clear enough. I will give a dummy example, just to
be much clearer: In a text, I will replace a word by a picture. For example
instead to write "Drink", I will have a bottle. So I leave some space in my
text and put a pictureBox with a bottle instead the word.
	My question is: is there a way that this pictureBox moves as would
move the word "Drink" if I do changes before in the text (add words,
paragraphs, pictures, ...)?


PS: I forgot: if someone is interested to see the result of my first work
with Scribus, the article may be downloaded on my site f5bu.fr in the menu
"Articles". The name is FT5ZM.pdf (7Mb).

Jean-Paul Gendner
Site : f5bu.fr

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On gio, 2014-06-19 at 18:43 +0200, Jean-Paul Gendner wrote: 

> Hello,
> 	Before I will discuss about the formulas/equations, I have two
> questions:
> - Is it possible to insert an image frame in a text such that it move
> automatically with the text (the image has to stay at the same position in
> the text)? 

    if the text and image frames are on different layers, i usually
select both frames and use the Weld command (Menu/Item/Welding/Weld
Items), very handy.  if they are on the same layer, you can also Group
them together (Menu/Item/Grouping/Group Items).

> - Is it allowed/possible to join a file to a message (to discuss about
> equations, an image is often better as a long explanation), or how is it
> possible to show an image to the list?

    i believe you can simply attach an image to your email sent to the

    hope this helps.

peace, w
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