[scribus] New to the list

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Jun 18 16:40:34 UTC 2014

Le 18/06/2014 09:34, Jean-Paul Gendner a écrit :
> - For the moment I am not able to incorporate properly equations in a text.
> This is very important for me, however, I will see that later and probably
> send a message about that.

This has to be done using Latex frames.
Not me, but some user will help you for sure on that subject,
when you come with a [fr] question précise.

> I am using Scribus since about 2-3 weeks, and brand new to this
> list. As my English is very poor, I looked for a French mailing list;
> however, I do not found one.

L'anglais permet au plus grand nombre de personnes de répondre
et participer aux discussions mais toutes les langues y ont leur place,
car le plus important est que la personne qui a une question puisse l'exprimer
et trouver une réponse.
(Il y a d'ailleurs une grande proportion d'utilisateurs français de scribus.)


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