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Jean-Paul Gendner jean-paul.gendner at orange.fr
Wed Jun 18 07:34:08 UTC 2014



1)         I am using Scribus since about 2-3 weeks, and brand new to this
list. As my English is very poor, I looked for a French mailing list;
however, I do not found one.


2)         First; I would like to thank and congratulate the developers for
this impressive software! Since years I dreamed to found a free and
efficient publishing software. Now I have found it!

            I have been impressed by the automatic hyphenation and many


3)         Of course, I also have difficulties:

- I found that importing a table with the Importcsv2Table script is very
poor and need to do many things manually. So I have modified the script, and
will send another message to discuss this topic.

- For the moment I am not able to incorporate properly equations in a text.
This is very important for me, however, I will see that later and probably
send a message about that.


            But, of courses, I do not have discovered all possibilities of






Jean-Paul Gendner

Site : f5bu.fr <http://www.f5bu.fr/> 


P  Afin de préserver notre environnement, n'imprimer ce courriel que si


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