[scribus] creating a scripts repository and a script downloader

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jun 17 08:42:23 UTC 2014


i have now proposed a project for the zurich sprint:

creating a script that can download other scripts to the user's machine.


if you have python skills, you live somewhere near zurich or are willing 
to spend a few days in this wonderful town... you're welcome to join!

the whole sprint goes from monday august 11 to friday august 15.

currently i'm planning to attend wednesday to friday, but i can change 
my mind, if there are good reason to do so!

btw, another project that would fit is the finalization of the new 
scribus scripter.
some of the work to be done is in python, some in c++...

get in touch with me if you want to participate or want more information 
on the sprint (or the script download project)... or simply register on 
the coactivate page!


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