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"A Day with Scribus" seminar

Publishing it in realtime with a webconferencing tool as Microsoft Lync ?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of SCS,

As you read in the Scribus maillist, the interest in your Scribus 
seminar day is
widespread over the continents.

Do you see a chance to open this event using a
webconferencing tool as Microsoft Lync
or a similar tool, which should be OS independent?

Best regards,

Gunter, et al,

Thank you for your suggestion.  Up until your posting I had thought of SCS's
role as being an evangelist for Scribus to the quite narrow (but hugely 
community of newspaper publishers.  They are our primary customers.  Most
aren't sure what problem they might have that Scribus would solve.
It's an awareness thing.

As you might know, nearly 25 major media companies control up to 80 percent
of the about 1400 daily newspapers in the US and Canada.  Among the 
largest of these
are Gannett, Tribune, Advance, and Lee Enterprises, all SCS customers.  
We have
commitments from Tribune and Advance to send several attendees. The 
others are
still on the fence.

For obvious business reasons we need to (at least initially) focus our 
participation on markets and technology we understand.  That said, we 
are very
enthusiastic about Scribus and the Scribus Community's welcome of us.

You have my personal commitment to act on your recommendation for future

Richard J. Cichelli
Software Consulting Services, LLC.

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