[scribus] PDF checking

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Fri Jun 13 09:19:15 UTC 2014

Le 13/06/2014 01:46, Staffan Melin (Oscillator) a écrit :
>> Are there any FOSS tools for DTP PDF checking ?
>> What tools do you use for DTP PDF checking ?
> I did some research on this, and there aren't really any good libre tools.
> See http://libregraphicsproduction.com/workflow/print-preparation
> under the headline "3. PDF quality control".

Interestingly you mention
so i installed it on ubuntu,
created a mypreflight.ruby file containing the following lines :
	require "preflight"
	preflight = Preflight::Profiles::PDFX1A.new
	preflight.rule Preflight::Rules::MaxVersion, 1.4
	puts preflight.check("6061only.pdf").inspect

and have it running with 'ruby preflight.ruby'
but either it never ends running silently,
or it displays a bunch of warning that dont seem reliable :
[ArtBox must be smaller than BleedBox, no page can have both ArtBox and TrimBox - TrimBox is preferred, Info dict 
missing required key, Info dict missing required key, Root dict missing required key OutputIntents, Info dict missing 
required key, Info dict does not specify Trapped, PDF version should be 1.3 or lower, There must be exactly 1 
OutputIntent with a subtype of GTS_PDFX, PDF version should be 1.4 or lower]



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