[scribus] New Dev Version Splash Screen?

Kunda Loves Scribus scribus.user at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 23:07:33 UTC 2014

Greets y'all,
So just recently a fresh feature popped up in the Scribus issue tracker:

Masterminded by the one and only a-l-e. After a great hardy chuckle, I
really settled in to appreciating the intelligence of this issue. As we
make the dev versions of Scribus more available and easily attainable for
the everyday unsophisticated user we also raise the possibility that people
will start to use these experimental builds in production environments. In
general this is a big, as Sasha Baron Cohen AKA 'Bruno' would say: "Niche

Emerging examples of Bleeding Edge build availability: Scribus and Homebrew
for OSX formula, MrB very close to uploading bleeding edge OSX nightlies to
Sourceforge, JLuc releasing an Ubuntu friendly script on github that builds

But as FirasH pointed out that on machines that use SSD the splash screen
is almost invisible (because loading speed is so fast). So I think we may
need to go a little extra than just altering the Splash screen.

1. Append to the title of the Scribus window "Experimental Build not to be
used in Production Environment" (or some variant)
2. Embed in the grey background behind the canvas (perhaps diagonally
repeating) a watermark that says something like 'Experimental Build'. This
would be repeated redundantly.


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