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Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed Jun 11 05:29:13 UTC 2014

> This is why I never even try to "promote" our local solutions (fixes) as
> THE solution; I just share what works for us (and sorry if I forgot to
> mention that outlining fonts does sacrifice searchability). Seeing that
> Scribus is used in so many different settings is why we so appreciate
> the choices in Scribus. There is no best solution for every need.

I think the major reason that issues like this often comes up on the list
is that a lot of people are misunderstanding what Scribus is. They think
Scribus is "a PDF creator", while Scribus main target really is "design
pages for print".

When printing, it does not matter whether text is text or graphics, in
printed form they look the same.

PDFs have many uses, but Scribus is not (currently) the best tool for all
uses of PDF.

I'd even go so far as to say:

You want to create a PDF? Don't use Scribus. First have a look at
Libre/Open Office or any of the "PDF Printers" out there.

You want to create a printed matter? Scribus may be your tool. But
Libre/Open Office or any of the "PDF Printers" out there may work well too.

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