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Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at in-giro.org
Tue Jun 10 12:15:49 UTC 2014

On lun, 2014-05-19 at 11:20 +0100, ZASKE Martin wrote: 

> On 16.05.2014 14:10, Wayne DePrince Jr. wrote:
> >     this thread is full of all good information as an addendum to that
> > in the wiki.  i am having similar issues and did not think of text as
> > being a potential cause of the large PDF size.  is there a way to avoid
> > having Scribus outline each glyph?  does it depend on the font type?
> > 
> > thanks, w
> There is a special tab in the Export-to-PDF window which is dedicated to
> fonts. It gives all the options available. (Gregory has already
> explained that because of license issues, some options might not be
> available. This depends on your fonts-philosophy and/or budget.)
> So yes, if you use a font where you have the necessary rights, you can
> chose to leave out the font, to embed or to outline. Or even to mix the
> options, selecting font by font.
> We like this very much, as we are working with an "exotic" language and
> most of our readers would not be able to show or print, unless we
> outline. Our Unicode fonts also happen to be very large as they cater
> for many languages, so outlining in our context even reduces file size!!
> So from our perspective Scribus is giving great options. And it is not
> about "avoiding" to outline or not. It is about choices.

    i totally agree about the benefits of having choices.  my concern
(and reason for avoiding font outlining) is that if a font was outlined,
the actual "text" was no longer available in the final PDF, thus text
searching was not possible.  most likely i am not understanding
correctly what outlining a font actually entails.  however, in my tests
when a font is outlined, text searching in the PDF does not work as
expected (i.e. when the font is actually embedded).

> way to go!

    ditto :)

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