[scribus] Scribus sla to epub (export) q. (calibre does not work)

Richard Foley rich.inud at naktiv.net
Thu Jun 5 12:01:58 UTC 2014

I understand what you mean about the complexities of a decent algorithm to
decide what to do in various cases. However, I would have thought, (probably
incorrectly), that most (?) devices would be at least content with:


At least that's what I see on most mobile device interpretation of html.

Ideally, of course the epub would reflect the PDF, but that's going to be
challenging, isn't it, as you have no idea on what device the epub will be
read, eg; what is the perfect way to display x content on y device, ahead of

At the moment, I'm looking for an epub which either generates me something
which looks like the PDF, simple page after scrolling page OR something which
looks like a mobile interpretation, as per the above clunky (one item after the
other) description. Currently this apparently simple requirement seems
impossible for my mixed text and photos book, without going into Word and
re-doing ALL the work which Scribus has already done...

Believe it or not, I used Scribus as a DTP layout program on purpose :)


Richard Foley

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On Thu, Jun 05, 2014 at 11:16:15AM +0200, Peter Nermander wrote:
> It doesn't fix my problem, but it helps understand why it's sufficiently
> > complex that the tool is not there, yet. The original point still stands
> > though, and this makes it clearer, (at least to me), why Scribus is the
> > right
> > place to export the PDF, which Scribus knows how to write. Therefore it
> > would
> > also know how to export the epub correctly as well. I think.
> >
> >
> No, it's still not that easy. Seems I have to take an example.
> Imagine that you on each page have 3 pictures with a caption. The caption
> is next to the picture (not above or below). The picture and caption are
> separate frames.
> Now, the pictures alternates between being at the left side (with the
> caption to the right) and at the right side (with the caption to the
> right). When you export to epub you surely want all the captions to go
> either above or below each picture (same for all pictures). But could you
> describe the algorithm Scribus should use to decide in what order it shall
> export the pictures and the captions?
> Going from top left to bottom right will not work well. Note also that
> going from top left to bottom right can be done sideways first (most
> relevant for this case) or down first (more relevant for a regular 2 column
> layout).
> /Peter
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