[scribus] Text1 is missing !!

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Tue Jul 15 16:11:54 UTC 2014

> On 15 Jul 2014, at 17:38, William <allokusa at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Scribus Users
> After creating a new Scribus document I inserted a rectangle shape, and
> opened the properties window where I saw that the default name for the
> rectangle was polygon1.
> I then inserted a text box within the rectangle and while the text box was
> still active I pressed F2 to open the properties window where I was
> surprised to see that the text box name defaulted to text2 instead of text1
> Subsequent text boxes, regardless of where they were created, default to
> text3, text4, etc. I think I saw text1 when I first installed Scribus, so
> this problem is apparently the result of  a change I made somewhere.
> is probably Can someone explain why this is happening? Thanks in advance
> for your help.


Scribus just adds one to the number of items in the document. There's no real issue here that I can see. Items get named differently but you can change them to your own names after creation.


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