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	I posted the two last messages 4 week ago as I was not recognized on
the list. So they are out of interest.


Jean-Paul Gendner
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As I mentioned in my preceding message, I had difficulties to import a table
with the Importcsv2Table script.

            First, I do a mistake, because I used an old version of Excel to
create the csv file. So the file was not coded in utf-8 with the
consequences for the French accentuated characters! Doing the same with Open
Office works well.

            The table I had to import had 11 columns and 6 rows. So after
importing with the script, I had to attribute a style to each cell (I do not
found to do that globally) and to define a top margin which is easy to
duplicate with the copy tool.

            So, I made a script based on the Importcsv2Table with more
possibilities. Here the description of use:


ABOUT THIS SCRIPT (modified by J.-P. Gendner June15 2014):

Import CSV data files as tables into Scribus

1. You may create a style to be aplied to all cells of the table

2. Create a frame at the position (upper left corner) 

and of the size (height and width) you want for your table

3. Make sure it is selected

4. Execute this script:

  You will first be prompted for the csv data filename.

  ->  The number of columns and row will be displayed.

  You will then be prompted for the width of each column in mm.

  ->  The default value given is calculated to respect the width of the

  Then you will be prompted for the height of each row.

  ->  The default value is calculated to respect the height of the table.

  Then you may enter the style name you want to be applied to each cell.

  Finally, you may enter the Top distance for all text.

5. The data from the csv file will be imported and a table of

textboxes will be drawn on the page.



   In Scribus versions 1.3.5svn, when the script ends, you cannot

adjust text, colors, and line features for a group, whereas in 1.3.3.x,

all of these can be done without ungrouping.


            Of course, I am ready to share this script; however, I do not
know how to do that?






Jean-Paul Gendner

Site : f5bu.fr <http://www.f5bu.fr/> 



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