[scribus] Font problem

Jean-Paul Gendner jean-paul.gendner at orange.fr
Tue Jul 1 16:05:54 UTC 2014


	I work on a document in which I use a few symbol characters (Greek
characters, ...). So, the "Symbol Regular" font is used.

	My problem is that when I open the pdf file, I got a message like
"The SymbolMT font contains an incorrect encoding. Some characters may not
be displayed" (La police SymbolMT contient un encodage incorrect. Certains
caractères risquent de ne pas s'afficher.)
	I have tried to incorporate or vectorize this font in the pdf file,
however nothing changes.

	I do not have a SymbolMT font on my computer.

	Any help will be welcome.


Jean-Paul Gendner
Site : f5bu.fr

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