[scribus] Concept of layers

Mr Pithagor Pithagor pithagorp at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 9 12:44:56 UTC 2014


For me the layers are nedded to organise documents data but are also my major arangement tool: I put my text in a layer who is over a layer with my images. That way I am sure there is no text disapears behind an image. In the same time if I move a picture I may like move the associated text with it. I don't lock layers very offen. I would like a default: "all layers accessible" and a chekbox to "lock" the layer.

About the frames and colors: In ID all the frames are shown by default and thay are colored in "by layer" model. There is a "preview" mode where frames, guides and other helpers disapear. When a frame is selected, manipulation handles apear.

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