[scribus] Editing / Pagination Road Blocks Encountered

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Tue Feb 18 12:05:47 UTC 2014

On 17.02.2014 22:27, C. Van Heyden wrote:
> To Knowledgeble users of Scribus
> From: Author / Beginning User
> I have mastered the simple tasks of forming pages by inserting text frames,
> simple editing functions in the edit window; and I have navigated the
> instructions for setting up pagination, BUT two items are still in the
> "mystery category":  1)  How do I apply the text frame INSERT to 100 pages
> simultaneously RATHER than one each as I write and, 2) Where do I SEE the
> individual Master Page that I have named PMMWNHA so that I can apply /
> insert page # instruction?
> Best Always,
> Chaz
Hi beginning user, you are welcome.

I guess you want to see your new Master Page from within Scribus, not in
your OS Explorer?

It is only mildly hidden. Go to > menu bar > edit > Master Pages...  (it
is almost at the bottom of the edit menu (Windows version))

One default master page will open when you click on that menu entry.

You should also see a tiny floating window with all your master pages
listed, that is where hopefully you find your own PMMWNHA listed. Just
select it and the master page in your main window will change.
If you do not see your own master page, you could try clicking on the
third icon in the list-windowlet: It allows you to import master pages
from other Scribus documents; maybe that is what you were asking about.

Once you are done with your page-numbers-magic, just leave the master
page area, for example by closing the floating list window. There is no
option for saving, feels creepy but do not worry.

Gregory has already described how you create a text frame and insert the
place-holder for page numbers. Just think that a master page is almost
like any other page, where you can work "normally". If you make new
master pages, you might still need to assign it to the pages of your
document: Leave the master pages area and go to one page that should
apply your (new) master page. Right click somewhere on your page and
select "Apply Master Page...". This will bring up a nifty little window
with good options, not least to apply your master piece [sic] to the
entire document...



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