[scribus] Giving a list as argument

Stephane Santon m.scribus at santonum.eu
Sat Feb 8 15:38:39 UTC 2014


I try to write a script like in kind of

class TkImageAlignmentWizard(Frame):
     """ GUI interface """

     def setHeightsToFirst( aObjs, aStartIndex, aCount):
         messageBox("Arrange", "Heights Start", ICON_INFORMATION)

     def arrangeImages(self):
         laoImages = self.get_images_on_page()
         lsMsg = "Heights Run " + str( len( laoImages) )
         messageBox("Arrange", lsMsg, ICON_INFORMATION)

         self.setHeightsToFirst( laoImages, 0, 3)
         messageBox("Arrange", "Done\n", ICON_INFORMATION)

But my script is stopping with no error message on
         self.setHeightsToFirst( laoImages, 0, 3)

The messageBox implementationn in this method is not executed.
So I think there is a problem with the first argument Value which is a List.

Is there a specific way to pass a List as an argument ?


Stephane Santon
Saintes, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Cognac - France

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