[scribus] Easier word wraparound and graphic images.

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Mon Dec 15 17:47:54 UTC 2014

Am 15.12.2014 17:10, schrieb JLuc:
> Le 15/12/2014 16:55, Rolf-Werner Eilert a écrit :
>> Using the image frame's boundaries is rarely useful for me as there is
>> no distance left between the left/right border of
>> the image and the characters of text. A "keep automatic distance"
>> value for any new frame would be extremely useful.
> true
>> The way it is now, I always have to make up another frame that is
>> slightly bigger than the image frame, set it behind
>> the image frame, combine them to an object and then set the text flow
>> option. On the other hand, using a contour line
>> would be way too roundabout in most cases.
> Well, what you are doing IS actually managing a contour line,
> except you're not using the build in contour line tool,
> but managing it using some non-dedicated tool ;
> isnt ?

Ok. Yes, but... the contour line is this thing you have to pull with the 
mouse, right? Each edge for itself, and it is thought for making 
non-rectangle contours around non-rectangle pictures. Or am I wrong here?

Anyway, in most cases (it's more than 99 % in my case) I have to simply 
keep some distance to a photo or an ad which is rectangle and should be 
dealt with as a rectangle. If there was a function that kept a distance 
of a definable number of mm to the rectangle boundaries of the frame, it 
would save a lot of clicks and time.

A simple input box (or if you wish it perfect, 4 boxes for the 4 edges 
and maybe even chainable) would do. A value of zero would work as it 
does now, any value above would keep letters a bit away from the frame.


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