[scribus] No spaces (code 32) in PDF files produced by Scribus

Eric Dodémont eric.dodemont at skynet.be
Sat Dec 13 13:47:24 UTC 2014

I am converting PDF files to fixed layout ePub files, which mean mainly
converting PDF to HTML.

I noticed something strange.

When converting PDF files produced by Scribus, the HTML displays very well,
but when I copy/paste a selected text, there is no “spaces” in the text!


- On the screen you see: “The red car was behind the house."

- The copy/paste gives: “Theredcarwasbehindthehouse.”

I found a PDF file produced by InDesign, and with that file the problem is
not there.

After analyzing with Acrobat the fonts embedded in the PDF files, I noticed:

- Indesign: fonts contain the <SPACE> (code 20 in hexa, 32 in decimal).

- Scribus: fonts does not contain the <SPACE> (code 20 in hexa, 32 in

I am using PDFTron to convert PDF files to ePub files. When I use the
pdf2htmlEX tool (available for Linux and Windows), the problem is not there.

It seems that PDFTron will only insert a space in the text when the code 32
is in the text.

How comes there is no spaces with code 32 in the PDF produced by Scribus?

I know there is a lot of different spaces: U+0020 SPACE, U+00A0 NO-BREAK
SPACE, U+2000 EN QUAD 1 en (= 1/2 em), U+2001 EM QUAD 1 em, etc.


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