[scribus] creating a scripts repository and a script downloader

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Aug 15 09:33:13 UTC 2014

>>> https://github.com/aoloe/scribus-script-repository/
>>> blob/master/script-download/README.md
>   Ale,
> Great job so far!
> I like you ascii mockups :)
> Anyone helping write code for this beside you?

the other people are busy hacking on plone.

but i get some help, when i have question. there are a few amazing 
python hackers around!

yesterday, i could finally grock, how to create a dialog with qtquick 
(it's amazing, how many tutorials teach you how to draw a colorful 
rectangle... but if you want to do real boring things you're left on 
your own).
this afternoon i'll be there again and try to create the full dialog and 
fill it with with values coming from python (and github).

i won't probably have to time for doing the script fetching... but once 
everything is in place, it should not be that much work anymore.

ah, and i'm stuck at defining the callback in the .qml file, so that it 
can be called from python. i know how to do it for a simple case, but 
could not find a real description on how to do it for the more complex ones.

if somebody on this list knows about it, you're welcome to ping me on 
#scribus on irc!

see you later

p.s.: btw, some of the guys there come from a graphics designer 
background and know about scribus... and all of them complain about the 
UI :-(

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