[scribus] Not receiving Scribus eMails

Ian Whitfield whitfield at telkomsa.net
Mon Aug 11 11:41:49 UTC 2014

Hi All

Do we have a problem with the Forum??!!

I have been on the Forum for a couple of years now with no problems - 
and I use Scribus all the time!! So need to keep up with the news etc.

Last month my Scribus feed (eMails) stopped arriving!! The last one I 
got was Vol 76, Issue 25. I took it to be a "Server problem" or such 
like, and it would come right - but it has not!!

So about a week back I decided to sort this out - went to


and tried to log-in but it insisted my info did not match! So I 
requested a password reminder and got the reply on-screen "Reminder 
sent", but nothing arrived in my eMail Box!! So I wrote an eMail to

scribus-owner at lists.scribus.net

I never got a reply!!

So late last week I decided to just resubscribe. This I did and got a 
"Scribus Request Confirmation" eMail which I replied to as requested.

But still no eMail appear in by InBox???

Anybody got any ideas??

Is there a place I can go and look at the issues I have missed??

And NO - I have not changed my system, all other eMails (including other 
Forums) are still working fine and the Scribus eMails are NOT being 
filtered to Trash!!

I think it's better if any replies come to my home address - just in case!!

Thanks a lot

Pretoria RSA

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