[scribus] Using scribus to create PDFs from the commandline

Juraj Fedel wtxnh-scribus at yahoo.com.au
Fri Aug 1 16:50:48 UTC 2014

On Fri, Aug 01, 2014 at 10:02:22AM +0200, JLuc wrote:
> Cant you simply upgrade your cmake ?

Not really - or to be more precise - I am afraid to :)

Warning: what follows is greatly OFF TOPIC!
To give you a picture why am I afraid let me give you some info: I am
using computer than I bought in 2004 (if I remember correctly) as an
second hand item (it is Pentium II). Immediately I replaced its 6GB HD
with 30GB and later I added additional 128MB RAM to its original 64MB
(adding RAM was noticeable improvement in computer performance -
especially when compiling big programs - nevertheless compiling scribus
source take almost 5 hour - 'time make' report this:
real    298m41.617s
user    259m1.255s
sys     13m50.480s
). And since than I was happily upgrading my Debian OS from Sarge to
Etch to Lenny to Squeeze when I noticed that in Squeeze I could no
longer use any graphics because X server was not running anymore on the
chip I have (MGA G100). So I had to use Lenny. Than I installed Squeeze
on the second partition and with much effort I managed to configure
system to boot into Lenny and use most of the program from Squeeze. This
setup is so quirky that I am afraid that it will collapse on me if I
change it much! I am not willing to experience once more this
configuration nightmare by installing newer distribution instead of
Squeeze. So as it seems I am stuck with this setup until I am able to
acquire more modern computer.

All that said I guess I can try to install newer cmake in /usr/local
(and also to install QT5) and hope for the best. Only thing that bothers
me is very likely possibility that after installing cmake I will find
out that I need to upgrade lot of other libraries that scribus depend
on :(

One possible solution is to install some modern distribution under qemu
virtual machine. Although I would need to physically acquire
installation DVDs to be totally independent from internet connection.
Even if that succeed I am wondering how responsive this setup would be
and I am afraid to estimate the time needed for compiling scribus :)


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