[scribus] Some clarifications regarding Pantone [was: making your own Pantone color list]

Olivier Berten olivier.berten at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 07:55:54 UTC 2013

Well... according to you, pretty much none of the palettes provided with
Scribus are of any practical use... I wonder why they are there... CMYK
numbers aren't any closer to actual color if they aren't refered to a color

Talking about the Pantone ones, the X-Ref tool <
http://www.pantone.com/pages/pantone/color_xref.aspx> provides data in
L*a*b* , sRGB and (when applicable) CMYK, i.e. the same values as in
Adobe's palettes. So the only limitation is in Scribus which is unable to
deal with L*a*b* colors.

By the way, for the people using color management in Scribus, you could
configure SwatchBooker to use the same color profiles, and import these
same data ("Open from web") which would then be converted to the right RGB
values for your screen... Of course, there will still be some discrepancies
with the actual colors but I guess I don't need to teach you why ;-)


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> Subject: [scribus] Some clarifications regarding Pantone [was: making your
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> Hi all,

> It should be clear by now that a simple colour number like "PMS 100" isn't
> really helpful to anyone, and, unfortunately, another issue makes it even
> worse, which is why I mentioned the subdirectory "Legacy". The files in
> "Legacy" use the legacy colour model (CMYK), whereas the newer ones in
> "Swatch Libraries" use CIE L*a*b*! Thus, using hand-made "Pantone" RGB
> palettes is pretty pointless -- it might make people feel better, but it's
> without any relevance with respect to colour correctness at the print shop.
> This is also the reason why Olivier's "Pantone" script doesn't help with
> print jobs. All it does is downloading colours from an online repo for
> smartphone and tablet apps (!), and these colours are in RGB (i.e., more or
> less a gimmick). In other words, those "unofficial" swatches are without
> practical use, and an RGB colour with a name like "PMS 100" is as useful as
> an RGB colour called "My favourite blue" or "Tracy" -- it doesn't make a
> difference.
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