[scribus] making your own Pantone color list

Jeffrey Merrow jeffmerrow at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 20 21:05:26 UTC 2013

The duplication of target hex values would simply be 'closest match' to the pantone source identifiers.
This ought to be permitted, and is not considered a duplicate, but an additional match to that destination color.  Unless, of course one knows the source is NOT that shade, in that case it is a blatant error.

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20.09.2013 20:18, Boris Samorodov пишет:
> Hi Gregory and All,
> 20.09.2013 05:40, Gregory Pittman пишет:
>> Searching around, I found this site:
>> http://www.printingassoc.com/pmscolor.html
> Gregory, thanks for the link.
> As a side note: there are two "PMS 803" colors (the first one appears
> to be a "PMS 8503" one).

And there are six hex number duplicates:
#003f54     PMS 303
#003f54     PMS 547
#007aa5     PMS 307
#007aa5     PMS 641
#008c82     PMS 327
#008c82     PMS 3282
#c1b5a5     PMS 401
#c1b5a5     Warm Gray4
#ef2b2d     PMS 1788
#ef2b2d     Red 032
#f95602     PMS 1655
#f95602     PMS 1665

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