[scribus] Clipping path offset?

Staffan Melin (Oscillator) staffan.melin at oscillator.se
Fri Sep 13 11:44:59 UTC 2013


I have a TIF with a path. I place this image in an image frame and fix
so the path is a clipping path (Properties > Shape > Image Clip Path).
Works fine!

But I'd like to have some offset, so the text can flow around the
image with some distance between the image and the text.

I've tried to edit the shape (with Nodes, Set Shape to Image Clip) and
expanded the shape, but it seems to calculate the origin coordinates
and then expand every node from this origin. This doesn't work for my
irregular image.

One solution is to make the path larger (I create it in GIMP). But can
Scribus solve this in some other way?

Best regards,


Staffan Melin
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