[scribus] Scribus 1.5.0svn is now Qt5 only

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Sep 3 00:29:15 UTC 2013

On 09/02/2013 07:35 PM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 09/02/2013 06:07 PM, Craig Bradney wrote:
>> Hi
>> As of tonight, Scribus 1.5.0+ will only be supported with Qt5. We 
>> have had to find some workarounds
>> for some issues, and these will be fixed over time, however Qt5 will 
>> bring a number of features and
>> improvements on the back end we require. Primarily, the new Qt Quick 
>> controls should offer us the
>> ability to rewrite the Properties Palette with Qt's new XML based GUI 
>> design functionality. There's
>> a lot more however that's a big one to note.
>> For anyone developing or building from source, ensure you update your 
>> Qt installation to 5.x.
> When I run 'yum list qt5*', I get:
> Installed Packages
> qt5-qtbase.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               @fedora
> qt5-qtbase-devel.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               @fedora
> qt5-qtbase-ibase.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               @fedora
> qt5-qtbase-mysql.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               @fedora
> qt5-qtbase-odbc.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               @fedora
> qt5-qtbase-postgresql.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               @fedora
> qt5-qtbase-static.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               @fedora
> qt5-qtbase-tds.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               @fedora
> qt5-qtbase-x11.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               @fedora
> Available Packages
> qt5-qtdeclarative.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               updates
> qt5-qtdeclarative-devel.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               updates
> qt5-qtdeclarative-static.x86_64 5.0.2-3.fc19               updates
> qt5-qtjsbackend.x86_64 5.0.2-2.fc19               updates
> qt5-qtjsbackend-devel.x86_64 5.0.2-2.fc19               updates
> qt5-qtsvg.x86_64 5.0.2-1.fc19               updates
> qt5-qtsvg-devel.x86_64 5.0.2-1.fc19               updates
> qt5-qtwebkit.x86_64 5.0.2-7.fc19               updates
> qt5-qtwebkit-devel.x86_64 5.0.2-7.fc19               updates
I've added most of these, but when I run cmake, it says it can't find 

There doesn't seem to be any linguist-qt5 on the system anywhere. 
Googling isn't helping me much either. (Fedora 19)


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