[scribus] Printing from Scribus

Ian "Witty"Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Thu Oct 3 07:56:21 UTC 2013

Hi All

This past week I was asked to produce some 40-odd labels. I first tried 
with LibreOffice Writer using the "Label" function but could not get it 
to work so decided to fall back to Scribus.

I was able to set the layout for the Labels perfectly with no problem. I 
entered all the information and pressed print.
After a longish wait the printer reports "No Paper". No matter what I do 
all I get is this error, (which is incorrect, the printer works fine and 
is printing OK - see below)

In desperation I decided to export the file to a PDF and try and print 
that - This worked perfectly!! BUT it took a long time to print out each 
page (about 5 mins). Printer is a Laser Printer, not an Ink-Jet)

Has anybody come across this problem with Scribus at all??

PClinuxOS 2013-08. Scribus 1.4.3


Pretoria RSA

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