[scribus] Scribus cloud service?

Peter Bittner peter.bittner at gmx.net
Mon Nov 18 00:56:48 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering whether there has been any real attempt or plans to
embrace the Cloud with Scribus power. I'm thinking about something
similar to http://musescore.org and http://musescore.com

MuseScore has started similar to Scribus strictly as a specialized DTP
program, much more specialized though obviously as they are doing
music sheets only. You could and still can download their software to
run it locally on any major platform, and it feels a lot like Scribus.
Then, integrated into the software, they allowed you to connect to a
personal MuseScore account and have your music sheets uploaded. From
your account you could share the music sheets. A year or more ago they
then made the obvious move (according to a newsletter I received;
their website [1] says 2009---whatever; here's [2] a more in-depth
explanation) and announced they will provide a separate Cloud platform
on a commercial basis.

Anyway, I've seen something (not quite that) similar [3] has been
discussed on this list before. So, are there any other, maybe recent,
developments about a Cloud service? Maybe there's not as much need to
share documents as there is with sheet music. But for small
communities, non-profit associations, schools, and the like that
struggle with making a recurring publication of a sort of newspaper
there is no real solution of a simple collaborative platform to
compile and review the content they compile. They usually can't afford
employing a dedicated publishing team, or they come up with content in
terrible document formats, tragically formatted, to then have it
handed on to a design agency that gets the job done for a few bucks or
so. Usually too much money, but seriously: who wants to do that stupid
job of bringing a terrible mix of that delivered content into a nice
form? In the end they blame it on you when the whole issue or some
single articles "should have looked differently".

What I don't see as a sufficiently sensible or useful scenario is to
put the whole program online, a desktop application in the boundaries
of a web browser, e.g. [4]. That's, uhm, excrements of a male cow.

Is there any possible way to store a Scribus document on a server and
expose the single parts of the document in a sensible way as
"articles" of a blog, e.g. categorized or tagged to make clear it
belongs together? My scenario would be to allow online collaboration
in a way blog posts are written, optionally supported by an editorial

Any thoughts or opinions? Feedback greatly appreciated,

[1] http://musescore.com/team
[2] http://musescore.org/en/node/8099
[3] http://lists.scribus.info/pipermail/scribus-dev/2011-October/001310.html,
[4] https://people.gnome.org/~michael/data/2011-10-10-lool-demo.webm

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