[scribus] Transparency in png export

Nikita Sagl nikita at nikisa.at
Thu May 16 14:10:10 UTC 2013


first of all I want to say thank you to all the developers of scribus! 
And to all the supporters of this mailing list!
I was able to do the whole design work for my paedagogical game using 
Who wants to see, can have a look at:

Then I want to enter with a question. For product photographs, I want to 
use the logo I have designed via scribus.
I would like to have it just like a stamp, with a transparent 
background, which I could use in gimp on a seperate layer. So in the 
background you should still see the photograph. But anytime I export it 
into a png file, it creates a white "base-layer".
Is there a way to do what I want.

I know I could create the whole logo in gimp, and how to do there, but 
im much more into scribus, thats why I would prefer to do it in scribus.

thanks for any advice,
Nikita Sagl


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