[scribus] Crucial bugs to fix for the next stable release

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed May 15 18:07:35 UTC 2013

was : "Re: Did the Scribus team post an LGM report?"

Thanks avox for sharing this feedback :

Le 11/05/2013 11:02, Andreas Vox a écrit :
 > We only had one meeting where we discussed Scribus. From the coders, only Jean, cezary, a_l_e and me where present.
 > We discussed ways to speed up the release of the next stable version 1.6, since OIF is waiting for that. To this end
 > we plan a bug hunting spree at RMLL in July (a_l_e is organizing this) with the aim to release 1.5.0 shortly afterwards.
 > Then 1.6.0 will be released to the end of the year without any new features added.
 > The release schedule still has to be discussed with the other team members, but anyone can help by identifying 
crucial bugs
 > which need to be fixed for the next stable release.

There are hundreds of bugs listed in the http://bugs.scribus.net tracker

As for now it's not clear to me what bugs the devs choose to deal with.

How do you define crucial bugs which need to be fixed for the next stable release ?

Of course i am badly exposed to some bugs, and i'd like very much them to be fixed,
but is there some official hint as what criteria does a bug need to fullfill
so as to be considered as crucial and needing to be fixed for the next stable release ?

I understand you wellcome help to identify such crucial bugs.
If so, how should we communicate such crucial bug identification ?
Should we create and use a dedicated keyword and use it on the tracker ?


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